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Easy DIY gutter guard Installation, No Tools Required

Clogged gutters are a big problem many homeowners face every year. It doesn't take much to cause clogging of gutters. It typically starts with a few pine needles or leaves covering the downspout. This will cause other debris to build up, and before you know it, you have overflowing gutters. They can cause water damage to the roof, walls and house foundation. Overflowing gutters promote dampness and mold growth. Gutter Cups is a unique product designed to protect gutters from clogging and overflowing. Gutter screens stop leaves, pine needles, and other debris from clogging gutters. They allow free flow of rain water even when completely covered by debris. Gutter Cups fit end-to-end inside the gutter, forming a patented multiple barrier protection system. If debris gets past the outer screen, it will be caught at the end barrier(s), protecting the downspout and gutter from clogging. Gutter Cups can not be seen from the street. They fit all standard residential gutters. Gutter Cups are 3.25" in diameter, and 1.5 feet long, stacked end-to-end inside a gutter. Gutter Cups can not be dislodged by wind, snow or ice. They are so effective, gutter cleaning frequency can be drastically reduced. Designed and scientifically tested for the most severe debris and rain conditions. They are easy to install, no tools or clips required. Gutter Cups are simply inserted into the gutter, and stacked end-to-end. Gutter Cups are best gutter screens. MADE IN USA. 

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