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DIY Gutter Guards - Gutter Cups

Gutter Cups are a New Innovative Product

What are Gutter Cups?
Gutter Cups is a new patented product that protects gutters from clogging.

How do Gutter Cups work?
Gutter Cups are stacked, end to end, inside the gutter. They protect the gutter and down spout by providing multiple barriers that stop debris, but allow rain water to flow freely.

How effective are Gutter Cups?
Gutter Cups have been tested in a simulated 100 year torrential rain against competing gutter guards. Even when fully covered by leaves, or pine needles, Gutter Cups stopped debris from entering and migrating in the gutter. At the same time they enabled water to flow freely. 

Competing products did not work nearly as well, causing downspout blockage, and gutter overflow. The reason for the Gutter Cups superior performance is the patented multi-barrier protection system. Each Gutter Cup has a perforated dome at one end. When stacked end-to-end, Gutter Cups create multiple barriers that stop debris from migrating to the down spout.  

Can Gutter Cups provide protection against pine needles?
Gutter Cups patented multi-barrier protection system guards against pine needles, and a wide variety of leaves and other debris. 

What is the cost for a typical home?
Most homes can be protected with Gutter Cups for between $100 and $300. Many competing products require professional installation, costing thousands of dollars.

How difficult is installation?
Installation is super easy. Gutter Cups are placed inside the gutter, under the gutter hangers, stacked end-to-end. No tools required.

Many competing products require professional installation, adding brackets, drilling gutters, adding clips, screwing screens, sliding gutter guards under shingles, and risking roof damage.

How durable are Gutter Cups?
Gutter Cups are made from a tough and durable UV protected polymer.

Is gutter cleaning required?
With Gutter Cups, frequency of gutter cleaning can be drastically reduced.

How many feet should I order?
Measure the length of the gutters you wish to protect. Gutters under trees require most protection. Each gutter cup is 1 1/2 feet long (18 inches).

Will Gutter Cups fit my gutters?
Gutter Cups fit all standard residential gutters.   

Are Gutter Cups visible from the street?
Gutter Cups are placed inside the gutter. They are not visible from the street.

Will strong wind or ice dislodge Gutter Cups from gutters?
Gutter Cups fit snugly under gutter hangers, and are stacked end-to-end. They are resistant to even the strongest wind or ice buildup. 

Gutter Cups are the Best DIY Gutter Guards

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